Skull Story V2.0 Apk + Mod For Android

Skull Story is an interesting and entertaining Android game that you can enjoy playing on your Android devices!

Follow the adventures of skulls and fairies in the story of the underworld based on portraits and physics.

The story of the skull is set in a complex and mysterious world, where time stands still and water never gets in trouble.

In this world, young and worn-out fairies manage to make up for the spark of life in the nameless skull, and together they are looking for other lost souls who can wake up.

Follow the adventures of the Skull and the Fairy in a portrait-oriented, physics-based underworld tale.

Skull story is set in a stylized and mysterious world, where time stands still and the waters are never troubled. In this world the young and cheeky Fairy manages to revive a spark of life in a nameless Skull, and together they are searching for other lost souls that they can wake up from the slumber.

Skull Story
Skull Story

Player`s goal is to lead the Skull through puzzling locations of the underworld, launch it from one tricky platform to another, crash obstacles and boxes with treasures. Skull story is easy to learn, but it takes patience to find all the lost souls, timing to activate Fairy’s skills and precision to reach the exit door in every level.

PLEASE NOTE: The game is still in development and may suffer from polishing, new mechanics and content!

Download Apk V2.0 – [47MB]

Download Mod V2.0 – [48MB]

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