Sheep – A beautiful world V1.0.2 Apk For Android

Sheep – A beautiful world is a game with a beautiful title, this is an interesting, fun and well-made game in the style of action and puzzle adventure games.
The game is released by the Japanese studio Cubic Egg Japan, which has been released exclusively for the Android operating system.

You will play the role of a sheep herd owner. Together with your herd of funny sheep and, of course, the faithful dog of the herd, you embark on an adventurous and dangerous journey.
A journey that will lead to the discovery of fascinating and pristine worlds and will be a very special adventure for you.
In this game, contrary to what you might expect, your task will be to manage and lead this flock of sheep not with an ordinary shepherd, but with the help of herding dogs.

Sheep is a puzzle-style game that takes you on a journey through the most beautiful scenery in the history of casual gaming

Instead of a shepherd’s daughter walking around freely, give instructions to the sheep dogs and lead the stray sheep away from the flock!

■How to play
・Tap to move the dog
・Bark at the long tap and release. A group of nearby sheep turn to the flock
・If the dog barks, the nearby wild animals will run away
・Use the stage’s features and gimmicks to grow your flock


・Profound game: Enjoy the puzzles that look easy but are not so easy that you will want to try them again.
・Simple to use: just tap and long tap to get through this profound game!
・Beautiful graphics: It’s a fantastic and nostalgic journey through a variety of landscapes.
・Kawaii characters: cartoon like characters move in a comical way

Download Apk V1.0.2 – [178MB]

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