Rage Road V1.2.3 Apk + Mod For Android

Get fun and enjoy!

Rage Road – Another action and minimalist game from the well-known studio SayGames, which has been released for free on Google Play.
In this game, you play the role of a special agent of an organization that, after a large and sensitive mission, is now being pursued by the enemy forces.

In the role of this agent, you must try to escape from the enemies and reach a safe point.
But it won’t be easy, so prepare yourself for a dangerous and very exciting adventure.
But the situation is not as you think! The protagonist is a skilled and courageous officer who does not give up so easily!

Rage Road
Rage Road

In Rage Road you will not only have a simple escape, but you will also have to destroy the enemies who are looking for you. Each stage of the game begins with the fact that you are behind a pickup truck and the car is moving automatically. Your enemies will move at you from behind with different machines and will shoot at you as soon as they approach you.

To do this, when you want to shoot at enemies, you have to keep your finger on the screen to get out of the cover.
Then it’s time to shoot at the enemies. To do this, you need to shake your goal and focus on the goals. Of course, firing on the enemies will cause them to be destroyed sooner.

Download Apk V1.2.3 – [60MB]

Download Mod V1.2.3 – [74MB]

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