Pull Him Out V1.1.2 Apk + Mod For Android

Pull Him Out is an interesting, fun and yet very simple puzzle game.
In the game Pull Him Out

You are in the role of a hunter who is touring the forest and inadvertently finds a small box that falls from a tree on his head.

Inside the box is nothing but a map of a large mine of treasures and precious jewels located near the three pyramids of Egypt.

The hunter of our story very quickly prepares himself for an adventurous journey and reaches the point marked on the map.

When he arrives in the area, he finds an entrance door that connects to an underground world and suddenly closes behind him.

Pull Him Out
Pull Him Out

In the meantime, you also have to help other people who have been imprisoned in this place in the role of this hunter so that they can escape.
There are usually dangerous obstacles and traps at each stage of the game, so carefully analyze each stage before playing the game.

The hunter begins his journey for treasure, but the puzzles in front of the hunter trapped him. What you need to do is to draw the stick in the right order, so that the hunter can take the hidden treasure away safely.

Go along with the hunter and help him collect as much treasure as you can!

Pull Him Out

* Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
* Suitable for all ages
* Use your brain to solve the puzzles
* No time limited, enjoy yourself

Download Apk V1.1.2 – [74MB]

Download Mod V1.0.8 – [55MB]

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