Petrolia V0.69 Apk + Data For Android

Petrolia is an exciting action-style game developed by Thorium Game Lab.

Keep oil as your top priority, your country is growing and developing. Build your army strong enough to dominate the region and crush the insurgents.

An action game full of battles in the big and open world with various challenges along with good design that you will enjoy playing with.


I am a 1 man developer. This game is a work in progress.

Keep the oil flowing, your nation growing and build a military strong enough to dominate the region and crush the rebels.

Giant Experimental Open World Strategy FPS game.


★ Open World FPS with Command of Units
★ Control a Large Range of Tanks, Artillery, Helicopters and Airplanes
★ Cities and Population Grow and Evolve
★ Six Foreign Nations and two Empires
★ All Cities can be Conquered by any Faction
★ Complete suite of Government Ministries
★ Gigantic 460 square kilometer Game World
★ Great National Projects
★ 100% Offline. No Internet required

Download Apk V0.69 – [12MB]

Download Data V0.69 – [273MB]

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