Kwarn Armada Tactics V1.04 Apk For Android

Kwarn Armada Tactics (aka KAT) is a unique mix of strategy and action.
KAT’s gameplay is focused on an ingenious system of units formations : each of your units has lines of action that can strengthen allied units or destroy opposing units. Place smartly your units to create powerful formations which will counter your opponent’s assaults !

Kwarn Armada Tactics This simple gameplay allows a very fast handling, while offering large tactical possibilities!

Kwarn Armada Tactics
Kwarn Armada Tactics

Choose your side !

Choose among 6 generals the one that will lead your troops on the battlefield.

The general defines your armada’s general strategy : massive assaults or fast attacks, impenetrable defence, ruses or diversions, guerilla warfare or destabilization…

Each of the 6 generals has 3 powers able to turn the battle to his advantage : powerful drones prototypes, opposing units capture, camouflage, speed or power boosts, etc.

Choose your armada !

Choose among 27 units the best combinaison according to your strategy !
Heavy units, equipped with shields, allow to crush a defence formation !
Light units are able to dodge enemy’s attacks and are perfect for harrying your opponent!

Medium units are balanced and will form the core or your armada !

Transport units allow you to bring units to the heart of your opponent’s armada or to create a diversion !

Customize your units with equipment to caught your opponent by surprise and take advantage!

Equipments can be installed on some of your drones and can be used at any time during the battle : the bomb transforms a unit into a suicide bomber, the teleporter transports a unit in the middle of the enemy defense, the virus sabotages the enemy defenses, the bastion turns a unit into a fortress, …

Fight your opponents in ruthless duels !

Each battlefield is full of surprises: whether it is a violent snowstorm that immobilizes your units, asteroid fields that threaten your troops, or pirates capable of capturing your units: each battle promises to be unique and surprising !

A long game length

KAT offers a campaign mode that follows each of the factions of the game.

During your progression throught the game you will be able to upgrade your generals on 18 levels and each of the 27 drones on 10 levels. You will also unlock new equipments for your armada, to help you to pass the most difficult missions..

The AI of the game has been the object of a particular and constant work in order to make it redoutable : able to choose among dozens of tactics and hundreds of formations of units, the AI represents a real challenge and makes each general really different.

Finally, quick play allows you to set up an immediate battle through 14 game modes, against the AI or another player on the same device.

A graphical style inspired by comics

KAT’s visual aesthetics is inspired by comics and turns the gaming experience into a real journey into a dark and captivating science fiction universe.

The campaign mode is told with a real animated comics.

Features :

– An absolutely unique, simple, tactical and nervous gameplay

– Large tactical possibilities : 6 generals, 27 drones and 10 equipments

– Long game length : a campaign mode, 14 game modes and quick play against a challenging AI or a second player

– A unique and captivating universe told with a comic book style

Download Apk V1.04 – [104MB]

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