JDM Racing V1.4.5 Apk + Mod + Data For Android

To get a different experience from the world of car racing, you can install and try the completely free and new JDM racing game on your Android smartphone.
In JDM racing you can drive Japanese cars! A variety of Japanese cars in this game are designed to give you a new and enjoyable experience.
The design of the car has been very careful and it is interesting to know that even the sound of the car engine has been simulated with the highest accuracy.

Experience the real drive, sense the speed and feel a surge of adrenaline from skidding in a new  racing game from the creators of Drift Legends JDM Racing. Hop into a legendary Japanese ​sport car ​and  begin furious ​street race​! 

Drive legendary Japanese​race cars​ on various races, tracks. Beat records, take part in different  racing events, pump up your sport ​car driving skills​ and rise from Beginner to Pro League driver.  Collect, win, tune up, and upgrade your dream cars.

JDM Racing
JDM Racing

● Advanced graphics and design: enjoy 3D graphics, ​realistic driving ​physics, simulating  every aspect of car behaviour.   ● Diverse​ race ​tracks: a variety of beautiful tracks created specifically for ​online racing.  Drag, drift races ​and many more! 

● In-game challenges​:​ ​drag racing​, time attack, sprint, checkpoints, survival, ​street racing  and other challenges 
● Career mode: gain experience starting from the Beginner ​racer​, earn Pro League status  to discover secret cars 
● Unique ​driving​ experience: each car is special – experience the weight and power, find  your balance. We added real engine sounds for every car. 
● Customize cars​: make them exclusive using paint, tuning, upgrades and rims 
● Extra tools: turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds 
● Control points: choose controls that suit you to handle ​skidding cars​ and make some  impressive drifts 

Enjoy your ​real ​street racer​ experience starting today!​ If You’re a Car Enthusiast, This Game is  Definitely for You.

Download Apk V1.4.5 – [44MB]

Download Mod V1.4.4 – [26MB]

Download Data V1.4.5 – [584MB]

Download Data V1.4.4 – [643MB]

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