Into the Sky V1.01 Apk For Android

Into the Sky to the Sky is an interesting and very beautiful puzzle-style game from the Australian studio errorsevendev.
An interesting, fun and in turn challenging game that can delight you and challenge your mind.
In this simple game, you have to travel to a world full of puzzles. A world set in the form of a suspended platform in the sky. You are in the role of a robot trapped in a strange world that seems to be somewhere in the galaxy.
The only thing around him is a platform-shaped page with items on it. The robot must access a special portal to go to the next section by solving puzzles on platforms.

Into the Sky

Use your robot to push objects into position in order to hit sensors with the correct coloured lasers.

You’ll need to think ahead and use creativity to work out which objects to use, and where to use them. Starting out very simple, the puzzles become increasingly difficult and more complex. Multiple lasers, multiple targets, portals, mirrors, beam splitters and more will all be required.

Pass a level and be lifted up into the sky where you’ll be placed on the next level above. How high can you go?

Into the Sky
Into the Sky

Into The Sky is the latest smash hit game from the creators of Laserbreak and Cell 13.

Into The Sky includes:
• 70 levels ranging from simple to ultra difficult. Many hours of gameplay.
• Fantastic brain training – this game will give you a great mental workout
• Excellent time killer – play a level whenever you have a spare moment
• Awesome graphics and sounds, with an immersive ambient soundtrack
• Game play options
• Smooth and reliable game play.
• The ability to skip a level if you cannot solve it.
• Play offline – no wifi required

Previous games by ErrorSevenDev include Laserbreak, Laserbreak 2, Cell 13, Hexasmash and Hexasmash 2 – all smash hit puzzle games from the best indie puzzle game developers around!

BEST Lockdown Quarantine or Isolation Time Killer Puzzle Game!

Download Apk V1.01 – [47MB]

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