Hopeless: The Dark Cave V2.0.26 Apk + Mod For Android

The blobs are back with a vengeance! Hopeless_The Dark Cave

Stranded in the dark, a single blob must fight to survive the waves of blob-eating monsters, and save the other blobs!.

Hopeless is a game of sharp reflexes. Trust your instincts, shoot the monsters, but be careful – don’t shoot the other blobs!

Hopeless The Dark Cave
Hopeless The Dark Cave

Guns, Lasers, Fairy Dust? Shoot everything in your arsenal to overcome the monsters’ attack, and rescue the Hopeless blobs from the dark cave!

Get some guns and get your hopes up to the land from incoming enemies.

Download Apk V2.0.26 – [32MB]

Download Mod V2.0.23 – [32MB]

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