Gun Game – Arms Race V1.63 Apk For Android

Gun Game – Arms Race is a fun and very exciting game in the style of action, very competitive and attractive online games.
In this game, you and the other players start the game with the same weapon, and after the start of the match, each player who succeeds in killing the enemies and receives the corresponding score, is promoted to a better weapon, and this process is to some extent. It continues that a player can reach the last weapon, which is a cold weapon.
The last step is actually the hardest part. In this part, the players have to destroy at least one opponent with just one knife to win it away from the competition.

Gun Game – Arms Race is a First person shooter game with simple and easy controls.

The Game Rules
1. Join a multiplayer match, Match begins, and everyone has the same weapon.
2. Find other players through the labyrinth of a level, and get a Weapon Kill.
3. Getting a kill “upgrades” a player’s gun to the next one in a sequence of ten.
4. Whoever makes their way through the entire ladder of guns to get a Melee Weapon Kill wins the game.
5. Everyone else is ranked behind them based on how many kills they were able to gain during the game.

Unique missions of this battle game will make this action game even more exciting and fun to play with friends.

Gun Game
Gun Game

Play one of the best online game with unlimited fun.
Explore the best shooting game levels in this army game.

Free to Play: Play as much as you want with your friends.
Player Gear Customization: Customize your character using a variety of equipment, masks, armor and gear. Use a game loadout suitable to your play style.

Aim. Fire. Complete all the missions.
Become the number one commando in this best action and adventure shooting game.

Download Apk V1.63 – [86MB]

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