Event Horizon – Frontier V2.5.5 Apk + Mod For Android

🌠Event Horizon: spaceship builder and alien shooter🌠 is a breathtaking strategy war game, in which you will have to protect your own impregnable starbase from dangerous aliens that crept aboard your badly damaged spaceships.

The story of this exciting arcade base defense game unfolds in the “Event Horizon” game universe, which holds many secrets. You, as the main creator of such a huge space base, worked up a sweat so that all your ships can fly in space, successfully land humans on the Moon and conduct orbital spaceflights. At present, you maintain the base in excellent condition, periodically update your space force and build some shuttles from scratch.
Of course, nobody expected the aliens to invade…

Ouch! A mysterious alien plague is transforming the human crew into horrendous monsters… The remaining crewmen desperately try to save their lives by escaping from the deep space research ships and other spacecraft, but in the darkness the aliens are howling wildly… What should you do as an experienced astronaut and a talented engineer? How to protect your space base against bloodthirsty and hungry creatures?

Event Horizon Frontier
Event Horizon Frontier

You must protect your space station from alien invaders and save yourself using different spaceships, escape hatches and limitless upgrade options.

The aliens will keep hunting down all the humans, but don’t escape from them in outer space! Never give up and defend your personal galactic house!


Hardcore dynamic battles;
Over 100 individual spaceships with options for modification;
Over 200 guns and modules.


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Download Apk V2.5.5 – [81MB]

Download Mod V2.5.4 – [51MB]

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