Desert Riders V1.2.4 Apk + Mod For Android

Desert Riders is another action and arcade entertainment game that brings you a very special and exciting feeling at the same time.
Like many other similar games, in this game you have to play the role of the main character of the game, you have to protect yourself from the wave of different attacks of enemies while you are moving fast on the desert roads.
The game is followed from the front view and you are in the role of the driver of a car equipped with military equipment.
Your car moves automatically. You have only one main task and that is to aim and shoot at the enemies.

agine you are in the desert, you have a gun and mad cars are chasing you.
Don’t worry! We have a plan for you:
1. Make sure your tank is full and speed up on this crazy road!
2. Show them your rage! When their cars line up with you, pull the trigger.
3. Defeat your opponents one by one in this fire fight!

Desert Riders
Desert Riders

Desert Riders is a coolest shooting and driving simulator. Get the thrill of this free game!

Okay, you think you can bring the heat? Install now and break them into pieces!

Download Apk V1.2.4 – [42MB]

Download Mod V1.2.1 – [38MB]

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