Blast Bots V0.3.0.1 Apk + Data For Android

A very beautiful and very exciting action game in the style of third-person shooter games (TPS), which has been released for free on Google Play and is available to Android users around the world.
A violent world in which online players from around the world come together as robots on a map and compete with each other as a team. The main style of the game is Team Deathmatch.
Players in this type of game will return to the game after a few moments if they are killed.
Each player who can destroy most of the enemies adds the relevant points to the total number of points of his team, and after the end of the time specified in the game, the team that wins the game has the most kills and the least number of deaths.

Blast Bots

Get ready for the most explosive online PvP action you have ever witnessed!
Blast your way through enemies in this action-packed multiplayer shooter. Don’t like the hand of an enemy bot? Shoot it off! Someone destroyed your robot’s legs? Get your jetpack ready!

Gather your friends online and show everyone what truly co-op teamwork looks like!
Gear up your robot, pick a weapon you like the look of, suit the loadout for your needs and make sure no one gets out intact!

Blast Bots
Blast Bots

Were you afraid of the Headless Horseman? Become the Headless Horseman and show everyone that you don’t need a head to be a threat!
Customize your robot from the ground up!
Enjoy rich 3D graphics that enhance spectacular online PvP robo-combat!

– Battle against other players in real PvP
– Dislocate any limb from enemy robots and save your robot from harm
– Make your robot truly your own – full customization
– Great variety of weapons – choose whatever grabs you
– Play with a team of other players or with friends

Download Apk V0.3.0.1 – [47MB]

Download Data V0.3.0.1 – [224MB]

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