Battle Cow Unleashed V0.6.3 Apk + Mod + Data For Android

Battle Cow Unleashed is a game in the genre of casual action and an interesting and fun game.
The main story of the game tells the story of fighting cows.
Apparently, a number of farmers have imprisoned other animals, and now the cows have taken up arms to fight the farmers and free their friends.
Presented in a very lovable and cartoonish world, Battle Cow Unleashed reminds you from the beginning of the “Head of the Farm” animation. Adaptations from the game “Head of the Farm” can be seen throughout the game.
The only difference is that you don’t have to play back here and you can confidently stand on the farm.

Battle Cow Unleashed This is the life of the Battle Cow in the Haywire Valley Farm.

This game started as a fun Father/Son project. Eric (the son) came home from school one day with drawings of a “Battle Cow” and its friends – complete with a story-line/fantasy of how the Battle Cow farm had been taken over by hostile enemy animals and the angry farmers. The Battle Cow now fights for the rights of her friends.

Battle Cow Unleashed
Battle Cow Unleashed

We then, as a creative thing to do together, started explore game development (fun!) in Unity 3D based on this idea. With the excellent help of the game developers at the newly started Hashbyte Studio we are now happy to let the world experience the Battle Cow being Unleashed to save the Haywire Valley Farm!

Will you be able to free the farm?

Battle Cow Unleashed (BCU) is a non-stop action adventure featuring fast paced farm action.


– Multiple farm missions.
– Play as different Cow Characters.
– Fight enemies and bosses!
– Unleash the power of powerups!
– Explore the farm landscape with rivers, houses, tractors, trees and pens.
– Play for free! No need for in-app purchases to complete game!
– Enjoy a non-stop farm action adventure
– Play offline!

Enjoy the Guns & Cows!

Download Apk V0.6.3 – [54MB]

Download Mod V0.6.3 – [36MB]

Download Data V0.6.3 – [133MB]

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